Water Analysis Graphs

Water monitoring with analysis graphs

Swimming pool water monitoring is made simple by these easy to read graphs. They give a comprehensive overview of the basic functions and chemical levels in the pool. Pool Gem test the water at 15 minute intervals. It then wirelessly sends the information to the monitor in your home so you have all the data in one place.

Chlorine Analysis Graph












This shows the Pool Chlorine levels and gives a good indication of safe levels

ORP Analysis Graphs











The Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) Indicates how effective the pool sanitiser is working therefor this has a direct impact on the kill time of bacteria. At a value of 600 mV it takes around 2 minutes for bacteria such E.Coli to be killed. Above 700 mV and it is killed in seconds. The ORP is also affected by the pH levels of the pool. This is why continual water monitoring is crucial.

pH Graph



Temperature Graph









The Pool Monitor Log History









Water Analysis