Pool Gem Problem Solving

Pool Gem is a remote water monitoring system that has the capabilities to measure swimming pool chlorine levels/PH/temp/phosphate, however from time to time some help may be needed to support the device. 


My DPD reading is normal but the Pool Gem pool reading for pool chlorine levels is 0, should I add more sanitiser?


Not necessarily. First check your Pool Gem ORP reading. It is likely to be low (less than 600mv). Now, if possible carry out a cyanuric test. If this is greater than about 100 ppm, reduce concentration by draining some pool water and replenishing with fresh water. This alone might bring the Pool chlorine levels and ORP readings up; if not add sanitiser and allow to stabilise.

If the ORP is very low (less than 400 mV), even if the DPD reading is normal then you’re pool chemistry and pool chlorine levels are chronically out of balance.  If this is the case than the sanitiser won’t be efficient enough to completely disinfect the pool. The only option would be to completely drain the pool and replenish with fresh water.

The Pool Gem pH reading is very low (< 6.5) or very high (>8). Should I add pH adjust the pool?


Not straight away. First check that the problem is an issue with the probe and not the pool. Add the Pool Gem unit to a bucket of tap water. If the pH is either below 7 or above 8 follow the instructions in the owners instruction manual to clean the pH bulb. After cleaning, add the unit back into the bucket of water. If the readings are still out of the 7-8 range, it would suggest that the probe has gone out of calibration and needs replacing. If the original pH reading of the water in the bucket is within the 7-8 range it would suggest that the pH of the pool needs adjusting using the recommended pH adjustment chemical. Consult your local pool shop or stockist if this is the case.

What if Pool Gem stops transmitting data?


First ensure that the Pool Gem unit has not floated into a blind area of the pool where the signal to the receiver might have been blocked. Secondly ensure that the batteries are fully charged; place in bright sunlight for a couple for hours and retry. If this is successful, ensure the device has had enough time to test the pool chlorine levels etc before reentering the pool to ensure safe swimming. If data is still not being transmitted contact your distributor.

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