Fish Tank Facts

Is something fishy going on in your Fish Tank? Poor fish tank water chemistry can effect fish in many ways, and it can sometimes seem difficult to get it just right or find out what the problem with the fish … Continue reading

What you really need to know

The health benefits of swimming Have you ever see a flabby dolphin or a weak-looking competitive swimmer? I think we all know the answer is no! This is because water is around 800 times denser than air which means that … Continue reading

Should a healthy swimming pool smell of chlorine?

Swimming Pool Testing Swimming Pool Testing shows that high chlorine does not mean that a swimming pool it is devoid of bacteria and dirt. Do you think your pool is clean because you can smell the chlorine? That Chlorine smell … Continue reading

AA Sensors Pool Gem for Pool Water Testing

Pool water testing and monitoring swimming pool chlorine levels is essential to a safe pool environment. Regular testing and correction of the pool water chemistry will ensure a low-maintenance, safe, sparkling, clean swimming pool all year round. Our system, Pool … Continue reading

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Swimming Pool Health Benefits

Swimming Pool Health Benefits: Swimming is the fourth most popular sports activity in the United States and is a great way to get regular aerobic physical exercise. Exercising in water offers many physical and mental health benefits and is a good … Continue reading

Pool Chlorine levels and pH

  Pool Chlorine levels Pool Chlorine Levels are important because all swimming pools need sanitisers to disinfect the water. If left untreated water-borne organisms can breed, which can contaminate the water, making it unsafe to swim in. In addition, low disinfection/pool chlorine … Continue reading

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